December 1999 January 2013

We had a wonderful time over the last 13 years, but like all creative endeavors, this one had peaked and it was time to move on.

While the site quickly grew to be one of the most visited VW sites on the Internet, we realized that, as wonderful as extrinsic recognition is, it was the creative process that interested us most. Unfortunately, increasing career and life demands have limited our ability to create and innovate in recent years, removing the challenge and joy of working collaboratively on the site.

Our hope for the future is that VW sites will strive to be more than egocentric blogs; that people in this wonderful hobby will collaborate with the goal of growing the VW scene in inventive ways.

Many thanks to all of the supporters and contributors over the years; its the friendships created that well remember the most, and feel fortunate that we had an opportunity to contribute to the VW scene in a modest way.

John, Michael and the entire team.

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